Paddle boarders using RokPak Pioneer Series in the Bahamas

The paddle boarders Key to Conquering the Sea is a RokPak

Often known as the cousin of surfing, paddle boarding is often said by many paddle boarders to be even more exciting than surfing because the paddle facilitates the surfer going even further into the ocean than would be usual. It is no wonder that over time paddle boarding has become a sport in its own right. However, just as is the case with the surfer, the paddle boarder wants to enjoy the water without having to worry about the safety of his or her personal items. For this reason, we have designed RokPak, the paddle boarders key to conquering the sea!

Paddle boarders go crazy for a product with these features


  • Waterproof storage they can have on their paddle board
  • 2 USB charging ports inside the waterproof storage so they can bring their phone or camera
  • It floats! So it wont sink if you happen to fall off
  • Built in, backup solar panel recharges on the go
  • Multiple securing points so you know its not going anywhere

Therefore, there can be very little wonder is to why we contend that the paddle boarders key to conquering the sea is a RokPak Pioneer Series!

Imagine being able to head to the beach. Put your keys, wallet and phone inside the RokPak. Then paddle out and bring it with you. Gone are the days when you are thinking to yourself the whole day, “I hope my stuff is still there when I get back”. Most great spots for paddle boarders are not ones with lockers where you can keep your stuff. Your best bet before RokPak existed was to either hide it somewhere on the beach or risk bringing it onto the open water.

If you did bring your keys and phone with you, there was always the chance you could lose your balance or a rogue wave comes by and you fall off. Once you fall in and your keys do also, they are long gone. Unless you are paddle boarding in Hawaii in shallow water, good luck finding them! With the RokPak, you have multiple options of securing it to your paddleboard with a buckle strap or carabineer. You can use that carabineer to attach the RokPak to your leash, so its with you no matter what, even if you go down.

Now you can bring your phone or camera with you inside knowing that its not only safe because its not exposed on the beach, but also knowing that its charging the whole time. So once your done for the day, you don’t need to head home or be stuck to a wall charger before you head out to do the next awesome thing.

The RokPak encapsulates everything that one could possibly desire as a paddle boarder in the way of keeping one’s personal and electronic belongings safe. With a RokPak by your side, or on your back, there is nothing to fear! It is lightweight, but exceptionally functional, made just for you! So, grab your gear and hit those waves with the paddle boarders key to conquering the sea, the RokPak!

19 thoughts on “The paddle boarders Key to Conquering the Sea is a RokPak

  1. Joe Burba says:


  2. RokPak, you know that you want one. You know that you NEED one.

  3. stephen lueckert says:


  4. Ryan says:

    By nice for river kayaking.

  5. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E.

  6. gunner miller says:

    AS long as it handles Tenn summer heat, I’m all for it.

  7. john KENNEDY says:


  8. Jonathon Harp says:

    Great idea.

  9. Mark says:

    Paddle boarding on a peaceful River is one of the quietest most relaxing things I’ve ever done

  10. Outstanding portable power from RokPak.

  11. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E. gear.

  12. Stephen Hamm says:

    No matter what you do, a Rocpak and the sun and you have power.

  13. Josh Whorton says:

    Now all I need is a paddle boat and I’m good to go.

  14. Steve Grant says:

    Nice that it is big enough for larger cell phones and a place for my keys, sunglasses, and energy bar. Keeps them safe and secure when hiking or kayaking.

  15. gunner miller says:

    The color options are also nice. My bro would go camo in a heartbeat.

  16. Mark says:

    Florida is a great place to paddleboard

  17. A device like this would come in handy while in rough waters

  18. Stephen Hamm says:

    If I did thisd, I would want a waterproof power pack wityh me, just in case. You never know!

  19. Josh Whorton says:

    Definitely adds to the experience.

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