Snowboarding with RokPak in Vermont

Snowboarding with RokPak lets you shred all day long

Snowboarding is one of the most popular activities to which many look forward every year, and with very little wonder. I know I have to get out at least once a year because its so much fun. Experiencing all of the seasons each year in different ways is a great way to appreciate the outdoors.

Snowboarding with a RokPak Pioneer series let you shred all day long for a number of reasons

  • Built in LCD display which enables the snowboarder to be conscious of the remaining battery power without being a distraction from the snowboarding
  • The Built in LCD display also has the function of telling the snowboarder of the ports which are currently being utilized as it has several.
  • The RokPak is designed to protect the snowboarders’ devices against external shocks such as those which may be incurred from physical movement including that which is associated with a fall
  • There is a built in solar panel for backup power to recharge the RokPak even while snowboarding
  • Designed to be charged with a micro USB charger or car charger, perfect when going to the lodge for a bite to eat or some warm hot chocolate


Therefore, there can be very little wonder is to why we contend that Rokpak is the perfect protection for the personal belongings of the snowboarder

RokPak is designed to accommodate the safe keeping of your smartphone and other electronic devices (protecting them from water damage whilst snowboarding), keys, wallet, drivers’ license and other personal items). Protection from the cold is also a major factor. In order for there to be snow on the ground it must be cold, and when batteries are exposed to cold they die faster. Because our batteries are sealed inside the RokPak they will hold up to much more extreme conditions than that of your smartphone or action camera like a GoPro. When your GoPro battery dies quickly, just open your RokPak and get a new battery, while plugging in the dead one so it can recharge while you shred. Some of the most beautiful footage is captured when the space is covered in snow and someone is sailing through the air and/or gliding on that snow on a snowboard.

The RokPak is particularly formulated to withstand both internal and external pressures. Therefore several electronic items may be stored whilst you enjoy the snow without damaging them. The exterior is also rugged and can withstand damage should your entire body weight comes crashing down on it or if someone accidentally step on it.

Even if one’s snow cabin, hotel or home be far away from one’s snowboarding spot, there is no need to worry about obtaining power. The RokPak is not only exceptional at keeping charge but is an efficient charging source as well, able to facilitate one than one user. At this juncture, it is also vital to mention that snowboarders should ensure that are accompanied by someone when they go snowboarding just in case there is an accident or avalanche, there is a chance that someone can get help quickly. In addition it is easier to note when two people are missing than just one. Be safe out there!

The RokPak has been designed to address everything that one could possibly need as a snowboarder when it comes to keeping one’s personal and electronic belongings safe So, grab that snowboard and make some fresh tracks, knowing that RokPak has your back out there.

18 thoughts on “Snowboarding with RokPak lets you shred all day long

  1. Gah8's says:

    Go for it EVERYWHERE !

  2. stephen lueckert says:

    nice goggles

  3. Ryan says:

    Would be nice in the bAckcoutry.

  4. gunner miller says:

    As long as the gasket does not get stiff with cold, this would be a great cold weather item.

  5. john KENNEDY says:


  6. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E.

  7. Joe Burba says:


  8. Jonathon Harp says:

    Awesome idea for hiking and rock climbing

  9. Aaron says:


  10. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E. gear.

  11. Steve Grant says:

    Is the Rokpak that durable? Freezing temperatures (snow and ice) and how about hot desert days?

  12. gunner miller says:

    A good tool to cut the edge on danger.

  13. john KENNEDY says:


  14. Mark says:

    I’ve never snowboarded skied many times but it looks like a fun thing to do

  15. Josh Whorton says:

    Awesome idea, well executed!

  16. Gary says:

    I too have never snowboarded.

  17. Mark says:

    Snowboarding can be one of the most entertaining and relaxing things at the same time

  18. Josh Whorton says:


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