Rock Climbing RokPak

Rock Climbing RokPak

Rock climbing is undoubtedly one of the most extreme outdoor activities that is definitely not for the faint hearted! However one of the key requirements to successful executing a rock climbing excursion is equipment which makes the rock climbing excursion safe.

In this, the technological age an integral part of remaining safe during rock climbing excursions is the ability to communicate with the outside world. In addition more high tech rock climbing gear has now come fitted with GPS tracking devices, which may at times, may require charging, with which the RokPak can assist.

Dual charging method For Rock Climbing – The Rock Climbing RokPak

The RokPak is designed with built in solar panel which allows the climber to harness the sun’s energy to keep its battery life preserved whilst engaging in the outdoor activity which more often than not features a host of sunshine. However, if the climber requires more expedient charging it is always possible to plug it into an electrical outlet.

In this regard, the beauty of the RokPak is that, like any other electronic device that uses an electrical outlet to obtain charge, it can also work with a car charger. Moreover, the built in LCD display which enables the user to be aware of the amount of battery power left.

It is important though to mention the solar panels. The solar panels have been specially formulated to be shatter proof. This is critical especially for climbers as it is well-known that at times during the adventure, climbers lose their footing on the ropes and often crash against the rock they are attempting to challenge. Therefore this facet of the solar panel makes is suitable to withstand the hazards of climbing.
LCD Display For Rock Climbing

There is much to be said in relation to the LCD display as the singular feature differentiates the RokPak from its closest rivals on several levels. As a starting point, the built in LCD display informs the climber of the ports which are currently in use.

It also performs the function of telling how much battery power the device has which enables you to regulate your rock climbing accordingly determining how much longer you will have power to capture the momentous moments when you reach the top of that steep rock to name a few things characteristic of rock climbing exercises.
LED feature

Like the LCD feature, the LED component of the RokPak also sets it apart. Some may not realize but one of the most exciting rock climbing also include those that have natural waterfall features. At those times it is possible for the RokPak to get wet. This will trigger the functionality of the water activated LED SOS which can provide the climber with lighting if needed during rock climbing although the rationale behind this feature is that if the RokPak falls into water; it will be able to be readily located.

In case the light is not needed during the rock climbing, it has been designed with a power switch that can deactivate the light.

The LED feature also doubles as a flashlight with three functionalities apart from the SOS feature which is activated by water, namely a low intensity display, a high intensity display as well as one that pulsates.

The fact that that RokPak is waterproof means that the LED features are unlikely to be compromised by water encountered during rock climbing. In addition, it makes it difficult to damage its electronic components during rock climbing, guaranteeing that your money will be well spent on a durable item.

In addition to being waterproof, it is also dust proof, shock proof and does not suffer from the exposure to sun that may be experienced during rock climbing. To that end, it is the perfect companion during rock climbing, guaranteeing protection of your electronic devices and any personal item that you may take with you during rock climbing, rain or shine.

Additionally an oft forgotten fact is that climbing definitely requires care and vigilance in relation to one’s safety. Therefore we urge you to take the RokPak on your next adventure excursion you will be glad you did.

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  1. gunner miller says:

    I like the packages on these. Good for tossing in the trunk is you need to travel fast and light.

  2. James Arnold says:

    It’s about time we got some gear out there like this. I think they are very useful.

  3. JD says:

    I love that the RokPak is waterproof.

  4. gunner miller says:

    I dumbly just noticed the small light on the end. Try figuring out the usb plug in the dark is a pain in the rear. Nice extra.

  5. Gary Weeks says:

    This would be great for my motorcycle trips, never having to worry about my phone or camera batteries dying.

  6. Don Stewart says:

    Cool gear!

  7. David says:

    we have needed this for a LONG time.

  8. Josh Whorton says:


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