RokPak Pioneer Series Orange

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Rugged Drybox, Solar Power, Battery Power, All in one.
Waterproof, Dust-Proof, Drop-Proof, Lightweight

  • 12,000 mAh Battery System
  • Rugged Solar Panel
  • 2 Fast Charge USB Ports
  • Charge Virtually Any USB Device
  • Works in Extreme Temperatures
  • Dimensions 9.6” x 5” x 2.8”
  • Lightweight


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Rrugged storage system:
– Total Weight 810 grams (1.75 lbs)
– External Dimensions 246mm x 128mm x 70mm (9.6” x 5” x 2.8”)
– Internal Dimensions 0.93 Cubic Liters (56.7 in3)
– Material Injection Molded Polycarbonate
– Internal Cushioning Silicone
– Waterproof IPX7 (up to 1m for 30 minutes)
– Easy Open Latch System Stainless Steel Hinges
– Securing Method Carabiner / Universal Strap Mount
– Floatable YES

Battery system:
– Type Lithium-ion Polymer Technology
– Capacity 12,000 mAh
– Internationally Compatible 100-240V
– Battery Charge Indicator LCD Display
– Charge Time 0-100% (USB Charge Only) 5.7 Hours
– Output Connector 5V 2A MAX (Micro USB)
– Smart USB Inputs (2) Up to 5V 2.1A MAX Each (Micro USB)
– Compatibility Smartphones, Tablets & Most USB Devices
– Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C (-4°F)
– Maximum Operating Temperature 80°C (176°F)
– Battery Over Voltage Protection YES
– Battery Over Current Protection YES
– Battery Over Charge Protection YES
– Battery Over Discharge Protection YES
– Easy Insert / Removal USB Ports YES
– Car Charger / Wall Charger Compatible YES

– Material Monocrystalline
– Solar Input 500 mA
– Charging Indicator Blue LED On when Charging
– Shatterproof YES
– Anti-Scratch YES

– Exterior Flashlight 5 Bright White LED
– Functions 4 (Low, High, SOS, Strobe)
– Low Setting Lumens 15
– High Setting Lumens 30
– SOS Setting Water Activated / Manual
– LED Notification System Yes
– Flashlight Inside RokPak 1 Bright White LED

Orange RokPak on Jost Van Dyke
Orange RokPak Canyoning-Tenerife


Cable in RokPak 2 (300x300)
Cable in RokPak 1 (300x300)
Lightning Cable 1
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for RokPak Pioneer Series Orange

  1. Andrea Kelly (verified owner)

    Thank you guys so much for creating this product!! I pledged during the middle of the campaign and it finally arrived a few days before Hurricane Matthew hit our city in NC. We have been without power for 2 days now but because I had charged up my new RokPak I have been able to keep my cell phone, my usb chargeable lantern, a Bluetooth speaker, and a radio going! I have been able to keep in touch with family & friends as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest news & emergency alerts (and watching Netflix to pass the time ain’t to bad either!).

    When I first saw the RokPak I said to myself: “Yooooo!….This would be great for my trips to the beach and camping but…… It would come in handy in emergencies too….. Hmmmm….. Ok I’ll pledge.” And what do ya know….. It DID!!!!

    I would have been truly f*ed if I did not have it!!!

    Thank you!!

  2. Josiah Heino (verified owner)

    My name is Josiah Heino I was lucky enough to be selected to test out an amazing new product called the RokPak. it is the best device i could have asked for to assist me in my day to day life at work. I work in telecommunications. What that means is I am constantly climbing cellphone towers everyday; I climb between 2-6 towers in a day and I climb between 80-300 feet up a tower, sometimes even higher. I use my cellphone to do all my photos up on top the tower for the work I’ve done and to answer calls for any new work coming in. The RokPak has changed the way I do my job entirely. I now can charge my phone on the top of the towers where there’s no outlet. it’s light enough to clip off to my harness and durable enough for hitting all the steel on my way up and down the tower we use to have to send our phones down to charge the screens would get cracked on the way down in the tool bucket and then charging the phones took forever then we still had to send it back up the tower in the tool bucket. Now I can keep my phone protected and charged all inside my RokPak I don’t have to worry about climbing in the dark any more because with the very bright led lights I can always see where I need to place my feet so I can be safe. The RokPak is also water proof so when it rains I know my phone is safe so I can take my time climbing down or finishing up my work. I use my RokPak on a daily bases and never need to plug it into an outlet to charge the battery back up because the whole day I’m working on the tower the solar panel is keeping the internal battery charged and my phone is always plugged in and charging. The RokPak is a great device that I now can’t imagine working without.

  3. Muraglia Nicole (verified owner)

    I have used the RokPak plenty of times when at the beach and kayaking. It was a necessary tool to keep my important belongings protected such as my phone. Not only is it durable and waterproof, the battery pack charges up to two USB devices simultaneously. A great feature if you are traveling or hanging out with a companion.

  4. Dan Shupard (verified owner)

    I was able to grab this off Kickstarter. I am glad I did. I keep it in my Jeep at all times. It will come in handy one day for emergencies. Now, my actual usage is when I go to the pool. Our family is there for hours on a regular basis. I keep the devices charged to read, or play games poolside without concern of running out of batteries. We also did go camping, and it kept everything charged. If the phones are dead, and we need to use them, it feels good to know they will be powered up.

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