Wearables can be charged with the RokPak Pioneer Series

Our wearables need backup power too

Smart watches and wearables are supposed to last all day long help you keep track of your fitness activities. However, the more we check them to monitor our progress the quicker that battery dies. A battery in a smart watch can only be so big, so it is inevitable that device will die on you at some point when you need it most. Probably on the best trail run of your life! Without that data who is going to believe you?

Now, we know it is not practical to bring a RokPak on a trail run or when swimming laps in the pool. But, a RokPak Pioneer Series is very portable and bringing it with you means you can recharge anywhere, including on the way to your outdoor activity or when you are finished. Some of our best fitness goals are achieved at the end of the day. So we need to make sure our smart watches and wearables are charged for that after work gym session too.

Smart Watches and other wearables can compliment a RokPak


  • LCD lets you know how much power is left, and when your smart watch or wearable starts to charge
  • 2 USB ports so you can charge your smartphone at the same time. Keep everything charged up!
  • Waterproof and drop proof storage for your devices protects from the elements
  • Built in solar panel for backup power
  • 12,000-mAh battery can recharge a smart watch so many times on one charge!


I know some users love their RokPak for the gym. After a hard cardio session or swim they head to the locker room. Before they take a nice steam, sauna or shower, they plug in their phone and wearables into the RokPak. By the time they are ready to get dressed and head home their devices have gained significant recharge and can make it through the rest of a long night.

Others who love the outdoor activities like kayaking don’t leave home without it. Kayaking burns some serious calories and gets your heart rate pumped up. So your wearables are going to track some major activity and you need them charged. Some wearables do not have a screen for the sake of keeping your battery lasting longer, which is a great idea. But when out on a kayak you don’t want to risk bringing your phone in case you tip over or your phone falls in the lake, river or ocean.

This situation makes RokPak the perfect companion for your wearables and smartphone. Now you can kayak worry free. Your wearable is tracking all that valuable data and your smartphone is safe and secure inside a RokPak. If it were to fall out of your kayak it floats and its waterproof. Also it has a strap and carabineer so you can clip it on and be worry free. Now you can push yourself for that new record, and burn more calories than ever before because your wearable is fully charged and you can monitor that progress in real time.

25 thoughts on “Our wearables need backup power too

  1. john KENNEDY says:


  2. gunner miller says:

    There are numerous ways this would help runners and outdoors individuals. The weight is the best item fo rme.

  3. Brent says:

    Sounds awesome I could really use this.

  4. James Bice says:

    This will be an excellent idea for a bug out bag

  5. JC says:

    Great stuff

  6. Greg F says:

    Sounds like. Great unit

  7. Great, rugged and portable power system for of the grid charging.

  8. Robert Craft says:

    Does it have a harness so you can wear it while walking and it can charge?

  9. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E. gear.

  10. Calvin Wilson says:

    This is great tech –

  11. Gary Weeks says:

    sorry forgot to leave a comment yesterday so, I’ll blame it on the fact that since I don’t own one of these chargers my device wasn’t charged and I had to wait for it to charge back up. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  12. A possibly perfect portable power supply

  13. Josh Whorton says:


  14. Jonathon Harp says:

    I don’t use wearables. But see how this is definitely beneficial to runners joggers and outdoors people.

  15. Portable power for wearables. Awesome idea!

  16. john KENNEDY says:


  17. JD says:

    Don’t let your phone die.

  18. Rajee Pandi says:

    love to learn more

  19. Josh Whorton says:

    I’ve got to have one of these!

  20. Aaron says:

    A must have

  21. klynn76565 says:

    I agree with James.

  22. stephen lueckert says:

    double knot

  23. Phil Auten says:

    Sounds like something I need.

  24. klynn76565 says:

    Must of been fun field testing this. I want one

  25. Josh Whorton says:

    Great for outdoor work too

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