beach accessories like the RokPak are a perfect all in one solution

Other beach accessories are no match for RokPak

Beach accessories are supposed to make things easier so you can relax and enjoy the sun and sand. However, no one wants to worry about sand getting in their phones, or the safety of his or her belongings at the beach. Therefore, we have designed the RokPak and have gone the extra mile of conducting extensive research into what beach lovers want so as to provide it for them.

The beach accessory everyone needs is great for:

  • Sand and dust proof so everything inside is protected from those little sand particles that get everywhere. A must for any beach accessories!
  • 2 USB ports so you and your friends can keep your phones charged
  • Protection against drops
  • The water activated LED SOS feature could come in handy if a rogue wave sweeps it away, you can spot it easier
  • It floats, so that applies to the last point as well
  • Built in solar panel helps charge the massive built in 12,000 mAh battery while you soak up some rays
  • Re-charging with a micro USB cable gives you more options for places to recharge


All of these features make RokPak the ultimate in beach accessories!

RokPak is designed to safely house your smartphone and other electronic devices (protecting them from sand damage), keys, wallet, drivers’ license and other personal items. Not only does RokPak keep them dry and ensure their safety it also acts a protection from sand particles that are almost impossible for one to escape at the beach, especially in speaker openings and charging ports on smartphones! This is critical, as it is well known that sand particles can damage the sensitive internal electronic parts of devices.

The RokPak is able to provide a charge for your camera to ensure that your ability to capture beautiful footage is not hindered by a dead battery. The RokPak is truly revolutionary as it also features a built in solar panel, which harnesses the sun’s energy to ensure that whilst you swim or lounge, it is re-charging the internal battery. There are no other beach accessories that have a solar panel built right into the storage device.

Understandably a concern you would have is what will happen if the RokPak if it falls into the water whilst you are at the beach. Well, it is important to recall that in the first instance, it is waterproof; therefore neither the RokPak nor your precious valuables will be damaged. In addition, if it falls into the water, it floats!

Beach accessories like the RokPak are amazing tools for you and your family. In addition, should someone step on it or drop it while unloading the car, you need not worry that the contents inside will be damaged. Really, the RokPak is a device for all seasons and true to its name the RokPak is designed for the beach lover who loves the water and enjoys the outdoors.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own RokPak today! It is truly one of the best-designed beach accessories, which has revolutionized the industry. Join the revolution and get your RokPak today! We submit, that you will not regret the fact that you did.

31 thoughts on “Other beach accessories are no match for RokPak

  1. john KENNEDY says:


  2. Joe Burba says:

    very nice

  3. Aaron says:

    Need one… or four!

  4. Sun, surf and sand are not your electronics friend, unless you have the right equipment. That’s where a waterproof RokPak comes in. It keeps you powered up and doubles as a dry box. RokPak rocks

  5. gunner miller says:

    The case for protection is the best part of this item.

  6. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good I.C.E. gear.

  7. Great idea. Now if they could implement this in a first aid kit you could really enjoy more activities.

  8. Great gift idea for your avid outdoors enthusiast

  9. Mark says:

    That’s nice for the beach

  10. Mark says:

    That’s nice for the beach it charges it and keeps it safe

  11. James Bice says:

    Sand can get into anything! Great way to keep it sand free!

  12. Can’t wait to try this product.

  13. Don Stewart says:

    What a system!

  14. Mark says:

    I go to the beach at least once a month I love soaking up the Sun and listening to the waves I would love to have something to keep my phone safe since it gets wet sometimes and then I have to buy a new one those rogue waves will get you every time

  15. Jerome Brownell says:

    This would be handy.

  16. Mark says:

    I’m going to the beach tomorrow I could test out your products

  17. Water proof is great, but anything that can keep the sand out, that’s amazing.

  18. Jonathon Harp says:

    Just moved to a beach area. So I must have one!

  19. Aaron says:

    Keeping Sand out of electronics sounds like a good idea

  20. Bryce S-H says:

    I could see why some would use it. Would be handy to have during my next cruise.

  21. Gary says:

    I bet my daughter would like this when she is at the beach in Hawaii! Needs to run her electronics!

  22. klynn76565 says:


  23. JC says:

    I need this product.

  24. Aaron says:

    RokPak meet Hilton Head Island

  25. Joseph Gdowski says:

    Great for the outdoors fishing camps, hunting camps, or just being outdoors somewhere that is peaceful!

  26. Mark says:

    I made it waterproof storage unit for the beach but it doesn’t have a good charger

  27. Jonathon Harp says:

    Bad weather coming in today. Would be nice to have one.

  28. klynn76565 says:

    Sure would.

  29. Josh Whorton says:

    Must have beach accessory

  30. stephen lueckert says:


  31. Josh Whorton says:

    Get one for the whole family.

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