RokPak out on the Golf Course

Keep your phone charged on the golf course

On average you spend 4 or more hours on the golf course. With our need to be connected to the outside world and social media, that long period of time can be very draining on your smartphone battery. If you are using apps that help you determine yardages, wind speeds, elevation, etc. you have no chance of making it through a full round on the golf course with your phone. You need some way to stay charged during your round and RokPak is the answer.

The RokPak Pioneer series not only has a massive 12,000 mAh battery to charge your phone, or other golf tech, but a solar panel built in as well. You can hook the RokPak right onto your golf bag and let it charge the internal battery while it charges your devices battery.

Here are the main features that make the RokPak the perfect companion on the golf course.

  • Built in LCD enables the golfer to be aware of the amount of battery power remaining
  • Designed to protect devices and belongings against external shocks such as a sliced golf ball heading for your cart
  • Water proof storage so rain wont force you to bolt for the clubhouse
  • Built in solar panel charges the internal battery during your round on the golf course
  • Fast charge via micro USB charger in the car on the way to your next round
  • There is also a 4 function LED flashlight just in case you can’t find your ball at dusk


All these make RokPak a must have on the golf course!

RokPak is designed to safely house your smartphone and other electronic devices (protecting them from water, dust and mechanical damage whilst golfing), keys, wallet, drivers’ license, cigars and other personal items. Not only does RokPak keep them dry and ensure their safety, it also acts a protection from sand and dust particles that are almost impossible for a golfer to escape, especially in speaker openings as well as charging ports on smartphones and other electronic devices. It is well known that sand and dust particles can damage the sensitive internal electronic parts of devices.

The RokPak Pioneer Series is able to provide charge for your favorite camera or video recording device to ensure that your ability to capture beautiful footage is not comprised, with no concerns for damage to it whilst golfing. The RokPak is truly revolutionary as it also features a built in solar panel, which harnesses the sun’s energy to ensure whilst you are golfing, it is charging. It is unlikely that your golf course will have charging stations at each hole.

Really, the RokPak is a device for all lovers of golf and true to its name the RokPak is designed for the golfer who loves golfing and enjoys the outdoors and in so doing contends with nature. So spend more time on the golf course this season. Don’t suffer from a poor round because your iPhone died and you don’t know how many yards to the center of the green. Bring a RokPak Pioneer Series along so you can play your best golf by utilizing all of your electronic aids on the golf course.

11 thoughts on “Keep your phone charged on the golf course

  1. shannon fowler says:

    This would be amazing to have. My fiancé and I are always fighting over who gets to charge our phones before and after. Having a way to charge things while we are there would be so helpful!

  2. Joe Brown says:

    Cool idea.

  3. Chris Marano says:

    My father is always loosing contact due to loss of charge. Going to recommend this to him.

  4. Scott Knoll says:

    This is a great idea!

  5. Jonathon Harp says:

    This is genius

  6. Josh Whorton says:

    Great for guy golf trips.

  7. Joe Burba says:

    i want to win

  8. Scott Swanson says:

    Great idea keeping your phone charged while playing a round. Never know where the wind will blow!

  9. Josh Whorton says:


  10. Joe Burba says:


  11. Stephen Hamm says:

    Like any other outdoor sport, in today’s world we need to stay connected. What will you do if the golf cart quits and your cell phone battery is dead? You need a rokPak here just like everywhere else outdoors

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