Hunting with a camo RokPak Pioneer Series

Hunting with RokPak by Your Side

 There are very few sports that connect man (or woman) with nature than hunting. When done properly hunting can be exhilarating! Who does not feel a sense of accomplishment about hunting one’s own food? However hunting is not something to embark upon without proper hunting equipment and hunting gear. To that end, if you are putting together your hunting gear checklist or already have one and would like to improve it, adding a RokPak Pioneer Series is the way to go.

Hunting and RokPak go hand in hand

The RokPak is nothing short of dynamic and well designed. Its key features are as follows-

  • Built in LCD display
  • 2 USB ports to charge devices like trail cameras, flashlights, smartphones and GPS
  • It is designed with a power switch that can deactivate the water activated LED SOS feature which though useful at times, may not be necessary when engaging in hunting activities.
  • Waterproof protection for everything you store inside
  • Military grade drop protection in case you drop it when getting out of a tree stand or dropping it
  • Built in solar panel is perfect for off-grid hunting excursions so you have a backup power source just in case you need to make an emergency call
  • Easy open, quiet hinges won’t scare away animals
  • Recharge in your truck using the micro USB cable on the way to the hunting spot
  • 4 function LED flashlight which features a low setting, high setting, one that pulsates as well as the SOS setting

Our Pioneer Series offers a limited edition camouflage design option so you can stay hidden when hunting. The RokPak is designed with a matte finish so that light is not reflected, which is perfect for the hunter trying to keep a low profile and mask his or her location.

One can get wet whist hunting so it is also formulated with a power switch, that can be used to control whether the automatic water activated SOS beacon stays on or off. If it is raining you may or may not need light to see, similarly if hunting, and one gets wet by means other than rain, you may not necessarily want the light to be on.

The 4 function flashlight also helps to guarantee your safety when navigating thick areas of bushes or trees to ensure that you can always see your way clearly. The RokPak features an integrated 12,000-mAh battery with 2 USB ports so you can charge your smartphone and that of your friend’s at the same time. Or things like trail cameras, GPS, or whatever USB powered device you might be carrying. The RokPak can be used to ensure that your phone battery or camera battery do not die before the opportune time. That way you can keep in touch with the outside world, check your social media pages, and send pictures of your adventures as the day progresses and so much more!

The RokPak includes a buckle strap and carabineer so as to provide you with the option to carry it on your shoulder or hook it to your backpack. Or you can strap it down to your vehicle on the way to your favorite hunting spot. The easy open latches simplify opening and closing the RokPak so the hunter can get in and out fast.

Hunting in the summer or winter means that the hunter is exposed to extreme temperatures, but the RokPak operates even in these extreme temperatures so there is no need for concern about its performance.

Indeed the RokPak is an excellent value for money, so we encourage you to make it a staple in your hunting gear, because you will not regret doing so!

20 thoughts on “Hunting with RokPak by Your Side

  1. john KENNEDY says:


  2. Mark says:

    Rokpak makes life easier when you’re out hunting

  3. gunner miller says:

    I’ll admit I laughed. I muttered “If it’s not mossy oak, my brother will never buy it”. He’s rather specific on his camo.

  4. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E. geaar.

  5. This is a very cool product and could be really useful on backwoods trips where power would be an issue.

  6. john KENNEDY says:


  7. Don Stewart says:


  8. gunner miller says:

    A nice package and water proof to boot.

  9. gunner miller says:

    I notice the attachment point can use a carabiner. That is a good was to keep it safe.

  10. When I’m out hunting alone, it would be very reassuring to know that I can power up my phone in case of an emergency.

  11. Ryan says:

    Would be good in Alaska

  12. Jonathon Harp says:

    I need a few for me and my wife’s vehicle kits, and a few for our bug out bags!

  13. Steve Grant says:

    I like that it is large enough to store several small electronic items and keep them safe and dry on outings.

  14. curtis hartwell says:

    So important to keep your ‘phone’ (with its GPS, compass, topo maps and other survival tools on board not to mention COMMUNICATIONS) powered up in the wilderness…

  15. Stephen Hamm says:

    Great gear to be sure your electronic gagets stasy runmning in the blind or on the stand

  16. Josh Whorton says:

    Gotta have RokPak!

  17. Jimbo1991 says:

    I have to have help carrying my stuff to my hunting spot because I stay all day.

  18. stephen lueckert says:

    easy to carry

  19. Steve Grant says:

    Nice! LED SOS and built in flashlight, in addition to a rugged, waterproof, solar charger. OK, I’m impressed!

  20. Josh Whorton says:

    Great gift idea!

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