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Is it waterproof?

Yes, up to 1m for 30 minutes

How much space is there inside?

0.93 Cubic Liters, which leaves space to store things like smartphones, cameras, wallets or keys. The silicone netting allows separation of things like smartphones and keys or wallet. Also, the silicone netting is removable allowing for larger objects.

What is the best way to carry the RokPak?

There are 2 universal strap mounts (1 on each side). Use the included buckle strap or carabiner to secure the RokPak to almost anything.

What kind of devices can it charge?

It can charge almost any USB device including smartphones, tablets, cameras and GPS. It cannot charge laptops.

Can it charge 2 phones simultaneously?


Can it charge 2 tablets simultaneously?


Can it charge via USB or Car Charger?

Yes, you can charge via USB connected to a computer, car charger or even a wall outlet. There is always the option of solar, but when power is needed quicker this is the fastest method.

How long does it take to charge the RokPak via USB in the car or outlet?

It can take as little as 5.7 hours to charge from 0-100%

How do I know if the RokPak is charging?

If charging by Micro USB cable, IN will be displayed on the LCD. If charging by solar panel, the blue LED on the outside of the RokPak will be illuminated.

How do I know if the USB device is charging?

The smart USB ports start automatically charging when a compatible USB device is connected. If charging does not start push the On/Off button inside to start charging.

Is the RokPak Internationally Compatible?

Yes, you can charge between 100-240V.

Will the RokPak work in extreme temperatures?

Yes, the RokPak is designed to work in conditions as low as -20°C (-4°F)
and to temperatures as high as 80°C (176°F).

Is sunlight the only light source that can charge RokPak?

Sunlight, incandescent light, or almost any light source can be used to charge via solar. If the blue LED is on, the solar panel is charging the battery.

How long does it take to charge the Solar Panel?

It can take as little as 24 hours in direct Sunlight to charge from 0-100%

How long does the LED SOS beacon last?

The LED SOS beacon will last for over 200 hours on battery power or even longer with solar power.

How does the water activated LED SOS beacon work?

The water detection system activates when there is a connection formed between 2 points on the exterior of the RokPak. Once the connection is made, the LED flashlight is activated in SOS mode. The flashlight will continue to flash the international SOS signal as long as the 2 points are connected by water.

How do I activate the exterior flashlight?

Push the On/Off button on the outside of the RokPak. Push one time to activate, and one more time to cycle through each of the settings. To turn off you must cycle through high, low, strobe and SOS before it will turn off.

How do I activate the interior flashlight?

To activate the interior flashlight hold the On/Off button located next to the LCD. To turn off hold the On/Off button again.

How do I activate the LCD screen?

Push the On/Off button next to the LCD.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us at

Orange, Blue and Camo RokPak in mud
Orange RokPak Orange carabiner on backpack
Blue RokPak LCD