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Empowering Boy Scouts

The RokPak Pioneer Series is a small tool with a lot of power and convenience that can also be used for empowering boy scouts. It starts as a rugged dry box. It evolves into a power source and station that provides access to battery power, a recharging station, and it recharges itself via a comprehensive solar recharging system. The RokPak Pioneer Series is a perfect tool for Boy Scouts who use natural settings to learn life skills. The potential for this useful tool is great and its convenient and practical applications make it a must have for every Boy Scout and troop leader.

Empowering Boy Scouts — A Turning Point in Adverse Conditions

One of the RokPac Pioneer Series strong points is that it is water tight. That is important because as a tool, it holds the mAh battery system. That system is capable of recharging a standard smartphone up to eight times, which helps keeps scouts in contact in case of emergency. The smart charging system can charge virtually any device that uses a USB port for charging and it can charge up to three phones at once thanks to its smart USB ports.

In adverse conditions, the tools that you have available can prove the difference between success and failure — life and death.
Emergency Lighting and Beacon

Nature is a fast and furious place. A bright, sunny day can give way to flash flooding, freak snow storms, and any other number of calamities. When traditional flashlights fade, the RokPak Pioneer System steps up to the plate. By keeping cell phones charged, it allows Scouts to use their smart devices as flashlights, or as beacons. Bugging out or staying put is a safety call. It also serves as a four-function flashlight. If you can reach help, then help can find you. If you have to leave your camping spot, then light in the dark helps increase safety, and can be used as a beacon to signal search and rescue groups. The RokPak Pioneer System also serves as a beacon. It uses LED lights to create an SOS signal so that light is ever available even if a cell phone is charging.
Small, Convenient, Powerful, and Tough

Backpacking, camping, and Scouting adventures require limitations of weight and gear size and the RokPak Pioneer System is small enough to be included and powerful enough to never be left at home. It is tough and rugged with a hard outer shell that is strong and waterproof. Its outer face also holds a rugged solar panel which helps to keep the RokPak’s energy capabilities fully charged.

Like any tool that is made for outdoor adventures, the RokPak’s construction takes into account extreme temperatures. It is fully capable of functioning in situations where the temperature reaches extremes above 80°C or 176°F and in extremely cold conditions where the temperature plummets to -20°C or -4°F.

The RokPak Pioneer Series outer shell is made of MIL-STD 810 plastic that is designed to keep everything in the RoKPak safe from accidental dropping. The construction is light weight and it clips smartly onto a backpack where its rugged solar panel works to keep the unit charged. Its light weight means it is easy to include on a day hike or overnight expedition. The RokPak also features a silicone seal that keeps dirt and dust out, even in harsh environments. The unit’s smart design is rated IP67, which gives the RokPak 30 minutes submersion capabilities to one meter of depth. This is a tool that keeps your electronic devices dry.
Perfect for Boy Scouts

Outdoor adventures should be a part of every child’s experience. With handy tools like the RokPak, Boy Scouts can take to the outdoors and still remain connected to the rest of the world. One of the greatest gifts of those who enjoy nature is the ability to share the wonders and experience with those who cannot or have not found the love of being outside. The RokPak is not a wi-fi, but it is a super fast charging system and its ability to charge devices via USB ports means that kids can share their experience without fear of running their smart device out of juice. add into this the fact that the RokPak is lightweight, durable, waterproof, and rugged and you have a tool that was virtually made for Boy Scouts.

The RokPak Pioneer System launches March 31 and now is the best time to preorder this outstanding tool for your troop. It also makes an awesome gift or even a prize for fundraisers. Bring practical power to your outdoor adventures with a RokPak Pioneer System. Visit our online store for more information or to preorder this handy tool.

14 thoughts on “Empowering Boy Scouts

  1. James Bice says:

    A great addition to keep talking when power is gone!

  2. gunner miller says:

    Being in the south I don’t worry about the cold as much as northerners do, but the range of temperatures it can work in is impressive. Neg 4 is rare in Tennessee.

  3. Joe Burba says:


  4. Joe Burba says:

    really cool

  5. Joe Burba says:


  6. gunner miller says:

    A good idea would be bulk purchases for scout troops. The modern kid needs his tunes.

  7. Joe Burba says:

    very cool

  8. Josh Whorton says:


  9. Josh Whorton says:

    Perfect gift for a scout!

  10. James Bice says:

    Would you make a solar mat to improve the recharge process when onsite?

  11. curtis hartwell says:

    Great for all sorts of groups!

  12. Gary says:

    When I was in boy scouts, we didn’t have all the gadgets 🙂 Mostly just a flashlight. But I imagine that is not true now!

  13. stephen lueckert says:

    id smile too

  14. Stephen Hamm says:

    When looking after some scouts, you must be able to communicate with the outside world, “just in case”. This means always having good charge in your portable electronics, which means having a RokPak with you.

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