Orange RokPak Pioneer Series is perfect for boaters

Boaters best friend is a RokPak Pioneer Series

Boaters enjoy being out on the water as much as they can. It can be very relaxing and peaceful, or exhilarating and exciting. Truth be told, no one wants to have to be worried about the safety of his or her belongings on a boat. Therefore, we have designed the RokPak so you can have the peace of mind you deserve whilst out on your boat.

Boaters will agree these are things everyone needs out on the water

  • Built in LCD display which enables the user to be aware of the amount of battery power left without being a distraction from your boating excursion.
  • The Built in LCD display also has the function of informing the user of the ports which are currently in use.
  • The RokPak is designed to protect the user’s devices against external shocks such as those which may be incurred from physical movement which encounter hard pressures like rough waves encountered by boaters out on the water.
  • The water activated LED SOS feature is also complimented by the fact that the RokPAk is water proof as such the user need not be concerned about its durability or functionality whilst on the boat.
  • There is a built in solar panel which facilitates efficient use of power to recharge to the RokPak even whilst you lounge or relax on the boat. This solar panel also has the benefit of being shatterproof.
  • Designed to be charged with a micro USB charger or car charger, so this can be done before going out to sea.
  • There is also a 4 function LED flashlight which features a low and high intensity display, one that pulsates as well as the SOS feature.

All these make RokPak the ultimate boaters companion!

RokPak is designed to safely house your smartphone and other electronic devices (protecting them from water damage if you encounter water sprays whilst on the boat or go for a swim), keys, wallet, drivers’ license and other personal items. Not only does RokPak keep them dry and ensure their safety it also acts a protection from sand particles that are almost impossible to escape when docked ashore, especially in speaker openings as well as charging ports on smartphones and other electronic devices. This is critical as it is well known that sand particles can damage the sensitive internal electronic parts of devices.

The RokPak is able to provide charge for boaters video cameras, GoPros or camera to ensure that your ability to capture beautiful footage with no concerns for damage to it whilst you are on the boat is not compromised. The RokPak is head and shoulders above the competition as it also features a built in solar panel which harnesses the sun’s energy to ensure whilst you enjoy your time on the boat, it is charging.

Understandably a concern you may have is how will you find the RokPak if it falls into the water. Therefore, the RokPak is designed with an LED SOS beacon which can be easily seen and is automatically activated once it hits the water. This is also something that can help if you go overboard as well. Having a RokPak with you in an emergency situation is a smart choice for boaters.

The RokPak is specifically designed to withstand both internal and external pressures. Therefore several heavy electronic items can be stored by a user without damaging the interior. In addition, should fellow boaters step on it or should you fall, you need not worry that the contents inside will be damaged or that the exterior will be damaged.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own RokPak for use with as many outdoor activities as you please! Boaters will truly appreciate a device like this!






29 responses to “Boaters best friend is a RokPak Pioneer Series”

  1. Mark Avatar

    You could probably water ski with a rokpak on and it would still be good to use

  2. Stephen Hamm Avatar
    Stephen Hamm

    No plugs on the ocean, so it is a great place for a RokPak

  3. Aaron Avatar


  4. stephen lueckert Avatar
    stephen lueckert


  5. Ryan Avatar

    Love to give a try. What’s the water depth rating.

  6. Mark Avatar

    I like to test the RokPak water skiing while surfing to see if it would hold up

  7. Mark Avatar

    Taking a Long Boat Trip island hopping is a good place for it

  8. Herbert Broughton Avatar
    Herbert Broughton

    Good to have I.C.E.

  9. Steve Grant Avatar
    Steve Grant

    Rokpak would be a great gift for any boater! Maybe I’ll get one for my brother -in-law to use on the lake for his boat.

  10. Aaron Avatar

    Nice that it floats

  11. gunner miller Avatar
    gunner miller

    As long as there is sunlight, you have some power being created.

  12. Jonathon Harp Avatar
    Jonathon Harp

    I want one

  13. john KENNEDY Avatar
    john KENNEDY

    If you have it when you need it, its really worth it..thanks

  14. Rebecca Caudle Avatar
    Rebecca Caudle

    Very nice!!

  15. UrbanJoe Avatar

    A renewal of power that you can depend on!

  16. Ryan Avatar

    Can you dive with it

  17. David Baumgartner Avatar

    RokPak solar charger is your best friend outdoors

  18. Herbert Broughton Avatar
    Herbert Broughton

    Good to have I.C.E. gear.

  19. john KENNEDY Avatar
    john KENNEDY


  20. gunner miller Avatar
    gunner miller

    Can’t wait to use my win…see what I did there?

  21. David Ballance Avatar
    David Ballance

    this is a really neat item to keep certain important electronics dry!!

  22. Jimbo1991 Avatar

    One heck of a handy item when you can’t get to a wall plug at home to recharge your toys.

  23. David Baumgartner Avatar

    RokPak, your go anywhere power solution.

  24. Jonathon Harp Avatar
    Jonathon Harp

    I love everything about this!

  25. Joe Burba Avatar
    Joe Burba


  26. Lori Pierce Avatar
    Lori Pierce

    Does anyone know if the Nintendo Switch will fit it the RokPak so I can take it on the boat? The RokPak is a really great idea for boating.

  27. Ryan Avatar


  28. Kayle Jenkins Avatar
    Kayle Jenkins


    1. RokPak Avatar

      Thanks Kayle!!

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