Backcountry skiing in Quebec Canada with RokPak

Backcountry Skiing with backup power is a must

Arguably, backcountry skiing is one of the coolest activities! Backcountry skiers face severe levels of cold, wind and remote locations, which make his/her ability to communicate in the event of trouble imperative. To that end, protection for the personal belongings of the skier is critical. Thus, we have designed RokPak.

Backcountry Skiing Enthusiasts will appreciate these features

  • 12,000 mAh battery to keep your GoPro charged to capture that knee deep powder flying around
  • Protection against external shocks such as gnarly falls or the occasional wipe out
  • Waterproof storage that also keeps your things out of the cold experienced when backcountry skiing
  • Built in solar panel can give you enough juice to make an emergency call
  • Micro USB charger or car charger, so you can easily charge up the night before or on the way
  • 4 function LED flashlight which features a low and high intensity display, one that pulsates as well an SOS feature

Therefore, there can be very little wonder is to why we contend that RokPak is the perfect protection for the personal belongings of the backcountry skier.

RokPak is designed to accommodate the safe keeping of your smartphone and other electronic devices (protecting them from water damage whilst backcountry skiing), keys, wallet, drivers’ licence and other personal items). This is important because snow is solidified water, some skiers fail to remember that snow can melt easily and damage electrical items if they are not careful.

Some of the most beautiful backcountry skiing footage is captured when shredding in the most remote places surrounded by nothing but nature itself. To that end, RokPak enables you to keep your camera charged to capture all that and never miss a beat.

Understandably an issue a backcountry skier would consider is how to find the RokPak if it falls and is covered by snow. That is why we have several color options including Safety Orange: a super bright shade of orange that completely contrasts with the white snow.

The RokPak is particularly formulated to withstand both internal and external pressures. Therefore a barrage of heavy electronic items may be stored whilst you enjoy the snow without damaging the interior. The exterior is also tough and can withstand damage should your entire body weight come crashing down on it or if someone accidentally steps on it.

Even if one’s snow cabin, hotel or home were far away from one’s backcountry skiing spot, there is no need to worry about obtaining power. The RokPak is not only exceptional at keeping charge but is an efficient charging source as well, able to facilitate more than one user. At this juncture, it is also vital to mention that skiers should ensure that they have someone with them when they go skiing just in case there is an accident or avalanche; there is a chance that someone can get help quickly.

The RokPak encapsulates everything that one could possibly need as a backcountry skier in the way of keeping one’s personal and electronic belongings safe. With RokPak by your side, or on your back, there is nothing to fear! It is lightweight, but exceptionally functional, made just for you! So, grab your fatty’s (skis) and rip down that fresh untouched pow! Make some fresh tracks, knowing that RokPak is guaranteeing the protection of your personal belongings.

35 thoughts on “Backcountry Skiing with backup power is a must

  1. Scott Clark says:

    Awesome product.

  2. John says:

    Come to western Colorado it covers all your products. Top notch gear

  3. Don Stewart says:

    Looks sweet

  4. Rugged, reliable and innovative.

  5. Timothy Trimmer says:

    A great way to keep your music device charged while on the slopes!

  6. Tyson R says:

    Perfect for life in Utah!

  7. Mark Sweeney says:

    Excellent equipment

  8. James Bice says:

    Does an external gps power plug come with or is it only for phones

  9. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E. gear.

  10. Joe Burba says:


  11. James Bice says:

    If someone calls and my phone is in the device charging will I be able to hear it?

  12. john says:


  13. Don Stewart says:

    I love that it floats

  14. john KENNEDY says:


  15. James Bice says:

    Please add an eperb

  16. Don Stewart says:

    Integrated battery is cool!

  17. Steve Grant says:

    Really like many of the features of the RokPak: rugged, waterproof, and powerful with 12K mAh. A few questions/issues that I have are the weight (don’t want to add too much weight to my backpack) and the clip (one clip only causes the RokPak to bounce around on the black).

    1. RokPak says:

      Hi Steve! There is also an included buckle strap you can use to keep the RokPak firmly attached to your backpack.

  18. curtis hartwell says:

    Knowing you have access to power for communications, lights, etc in the field is essential.
    Having it be virtually indestructible is a blessing.

  19. Jerod Thomas says:

    Its got the power!!

  20. A must have in the woods, in the winter. Having a way to charge your electronics could save your life

  21. Jacqueline Godbout says:

    Those waterproof and shockproof points are key.

  22. James Bice says:

    Does the solar charger work when charging a device?

  23. Mark says:

    Skiing is one of the most enjoyable things as long as you kept warm

  24. Don Stewart says:

    Serious gear!

  25. Josh Whorton says:

    I must have one.

  26. Rugged, reliable, portable power. ‘Nuff said

  27. Ingenious invention. RokPak Rocks

  28. gunner miller says:

    As long as the gasket does not harden due to the cold, this is a great device.

  29. Jonathon Harp says:

    Never been skiing but I own property in the mountains of North Alabama!

  30. Mark says:

    Back in the seventies me and my buddy would ski off the trails go explore the mountain on our skis and end up down the road from the lodge, for a while though it would be quite scary. Being lost and not knowing where you are in deep powder is not enjoyable

  31. Ryan says:

    Use it to send with my dado

  32. UrbanJoe says:

    Great back pact to have if going in remote areas!

  33. stephen lueckert says:


  34. Josh Whorton says:

    Throw one in your bag, wherever you go.

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