ATV Trail Riders using the RokPak Pioneer Series

ATV Trail Riders Companion for Muddy Terrain

 Picture riding through the muddy trails with your friends on your ATV. You are having a great time sliding and flying down the paths. Then you realize that you are covered in mud (which is expected) but your phone is too. Mud and electronics do not mix, so you need to keep them protected. Enter the RokPak Pioneer Series, a product born out of necessity because there was a serious need for a product like this. No other product combines a rugged waterproof storage solution with integrated battery power and solar power. It is truly one of a kind.

ATV Trail Riders will appreciate that

  • Mud, dirt and waterproof storage for all the important things
  • 2 USB charging ports for phones and cameras
  • Military grade drop protection for your things inside
  • Multiple securing points so you can take it with you while you ride
  • Backup solar panel built in
  • 4 function LED flashlight

Another special feature is that the RokPak is also designed with a buckle strap which allows you to secure the RokPak to your back or ATV. In the alternative, the ATV trail riders can use the carabineer to hook it to his or her vehicle. Noteworthy is that the RokPak has a 12,000-mAh battery so there can also be a source of power to recharge smartphone or other smart device batteries. That is a lot of battery so you can share the power with your friends. If their phones or cameras are not charged then they can’t capture any pictures of YOU. So make sure to share at least one of those USB ports.

Moreover, its charging capabilities mean that a dead phone battery will not prevent you from contacting emergency services or someone who may be able to assist you should you incur physical injuries that render you incapable of walking. Rather, the RokPak allows you to charge more than one device at a time, thus staying in touch is feasible no matter where you are on the trail. It is quite reassuring to know that when engaging in this extreme sport RokPak can ensure ATV trail riders remain safe or can get help through several means.

There are three colors to choose from too. We know a lot of ATV trail riders are big fans of camouflage, so we made sure not only to have a camo option for the RokPak Pioneer Series, but the solar panel is also a camo design. This makes our product really unique, and cool, which will definitely make all the other ATV trail riders jealous of your awesome gear.

Even if you are not an ATV trail rider, if you have friends, family or relatives who are, feel free to get them this exceptional product it will not disappoint! They can use it just about every day for any outdoor activity. So if you get them one, don’t forget to get your own, or borrow theirs so you can benefit from all the great features a RokPak Pioneer Series has to offer.

29 thoughts on “ATV Trail Riders Companion for Muddy Terrain

  1. john KENNEDY says:


  2. gunner miller says:

    If it has a good shock factor I would be happy when I win…;)

  3. Aaron says:

    If it can handle this type of use it must be good

  4. Mark says:

    That’s a good way to test how well it holds up

  5. RokPak is the most innovative and versatile solar charger available. It is well suited for all outdoor activities.

  6. Ryan says:

    I can test it out

  7. Jonathon Harp says:

    Could also use this on the farm.

  8. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E.

  9. john KENNEDY says:

    cool pic . thanks

  10. Justin says:

    Were any of these at Washougal Motocross last year?

    1. RokPak says:

      It is very possible! All day outdoor events like these are great places to have a RokPak Pioneer Series.

  11. stephen lueckert says:


  12. Ryan says:

    Good test for the dirt and mudd

  13. Hardened, high tech, portable power. Your solar solution. RokPak.

  14. Bryce S-H says:

    With my luck, I would forget to put my phone in the case.

  15. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E. gear.

  16. Joe Burba says:


  17. Steve Grant says:

    Rugged enough to take anywhere! Any chance you would add a light to indicate charging status or even to find the RokPak at night?

  18. Stephen Hamm says:

    If RokPak’s stand up to this abuse, they have got to be good and sturdy. Way to go RokPak

  19. curtis hartwell says:

    RokPak is sturdy enough, so that when you go back after it after the bungee lets go, IT (and gear inside) STILL WORKS!

  20. Lori Pierce says:

    I miss my Z400. I had to sell it after I injured my back at work. The Rokpak would have worked great while riding in the rain,mud and snow.

  21. Jonathon Harp says:

    Love it!

  22. Mark says:

    Out on motorcycle in the woods it’s a good place for Rokpak

  23. Tim Stough says:

    This is very necessary for the muddy conditions that i ride in.

  24. Can’t think of a good time not to ride

  25. Jimm says:

    If it can handle this , a day in the woods hunting , or a week of camping/hiking ought to be easy for it ! I would definitely appreciate winning it !

  26. Jimbo1991 says:

    It’s gr8 to have one of these with you ALL the time.

  27. Joe Burba says:


  28. Mark says:

    I took my buddies four-wheeler out driving deep in the woods and got stuck and I was very lucky that my my phone battery had a little charge in it cuz it almost ran out.

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