Adventures with our dogs (furry friends)

Going on adventures with our dogs (furry friends) is something we love to do at RokPak. Dogs make hiking that much more fun because every little thing they see or smell gets them excited. They want to play, jump and splash in everything! Our last hike was at a beautiful state park in Delaware called Brandywine Creek, which has trails for hiking, mountain biking, horses and the creek for tubing and kayaking.

A place like this is home for a RokPak Pioneer Series. We are always taking the RokPak on different adventures not only to test out durability but also its functionality in different situations. This is to ensure that if our products are missing something or we realize that it would be nice to have something else, we can try to add to or improve the products we create.

The last trip we really put the RokPak through its paces. Our dog is a rescue, which are the best kind of dogs, and absolutely loves to play in the water. Typically we get some sort of ball and toss it out into the creek for him to chase down and bring back. Every time he would bring the ball back we would get showered with water from him shaking off the water and getting excited to go after the ball again.


Then the idea hit us to toss the RokPak like the ball.  The Pioneer Series is rated IP67 (waterproof) and Military drop tested (810G) so we ventured deeper into the water with the dogs and did a few drop tests. A few tosses to check the waterproof and drop tests and it passed with flying colors. Our thought was that this is a likely scenario if the RokPak falls off of a boat or kayak, will it keep the water out. The answer is YES.

After many tosses of the ball and the RokPak, we took to the trails with the dogs. The great thing is that we never had to leave our phone, wallet and keys on the banks of the creek, because they were inside the RokPak Pioneer Series. And yes, they were inside the RokPak while testing because we truly trust and believe in our product. So while we were drying off on our hike, our things were charging and dry. It was easy to clip the RokPak to our backpack and continue to explore the beautiful park.

This is the time of year where a lot of people love to explore places like state parks and I know more than a few people who have lost phones to drops, water, and mud on the trails. The solution is simple enough: get yourself a RokPak. Or better yet buy one as a gift. We are running some great promotions at the moment so make sure to get one while the RokPak is $100 off retail!! You can always sign up to be alerted about our sales on the website or follow us on social media. Thanks for reading!

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