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A Hikers Survival Tools should include a RokPak

Hikers love being outdoors as much as possible because they love it! In fact, there are very few activities that bring one in contact with the beauties of nature like hiking. However, there are times when, depending on the particular hiking trail, the terrain can be such that hikers feel as though they are completely lost and will never make it back.

Every Hikers gear checklist should include a RokPak because of these features

  • Built in LCD display that enables the hiker to exactly how much battery power is left.
  • It is designed with a power switch that can activate or deactivate the water activated LED SOS feature
  • The RokPak is designed to protect the hiker’s devices against external shocks if they drop it or they themselves fall down
  • Waterproof design keeps everything inside safe
  • Built in solar panel works as a backup so you can get that extra little bit of power when you need it most
  • It is also designed with hinges that are easy to open and close.
  • 4 function LED flashlight


These features undoubtedly come in handy if hikers find themselves in a situation where they need help or even if they need to assist another person. Factors leading to these situations could include:

Inadequate preparation

This is a surprisingly common mistake that hikers of various skill levels make and take on a variety of shapes and forms including being armed with inadequate equipment. In such times, the RokPak can function as the hiker’s main tool because it not only is armed with an LED flashlight which can be used to signal distress (of course the effectiveness will depend on the time of day) but it also enables one to charge electronic devices which may also be used to communicate vital information such as one’s location in the event that issues arise that put you in danger.

Venturing on a hike alone

Another common mistake amongst hikers of various skill levels is undertaking hikes alone. In such instances, communication is key, especially if one gets into difficulties. In those of circumstances again the RokPak can function as the hiker’s main tool because it guarantees a reliable source of power that can ensure your electronic devices are capable of performing their communication functions.

Hiking Off-Trail

Persons are often encouraged to be bold and walk on the road less travelled. This can be great advice for life but it is absolutely terrible advice for hikers. Off trail hiking intensifies the dangers already in existence in the hiking terrain that make it easy to get lost or injured. Again, in such times when the terrain becomes hostile and unfamiliar, the need for communication is crucial. Again, the RokPak’s ability to provide a power source may mean the difference between your getting found or something far worse that we would rather not mention. Especially since rescuers will not be looking off trail until they have completed a search of the designated hiking trails.

Suddenly Changing Plans

This is a dangerous thing to do because it can result hikers having to make camp at a time when it was not anticipated. If however, the hikers are armed with a RokPak, at least one thing they can be sure of is that there will be a light source, which can function all night due to the massive battery, built in. Having good lighting can aid in properly setting up camp or finding firewood.

This product is truly a perfect tool for anyone who enjoys hiking. It combines many of the tools you need when hiking into one simple, lightweight solution so it makes trekking easier. Be sure to bring one on all of your hiking adventures.

30 thoughts on “A Hikers Survival Tools should include a RokPak

  1. gunner miller says:

    To keep GPS units and such working, this could be a lifesaver.

  2. Mark says:

    Nowadays it’s smart to have something like this with you no matter where you go

  3. Ryan says:

    Good idea. The sos feature would be useful

    1. Anthony says:

      I second that idea. Sometimes cell phone towers are not close enough to get a call out. Perhaps a simple transponder to send out a radio sos signal? A tracking beacon of sorts.

  4. stephen lueckert says:


  5. john KENNEDY says:


  6. Joe Burba says:

    yep safety first

  7. Stephen Hamm says:

    In this day of technology, a RokPak should be considered a necessity.

  8. Jonathon Harp says:

    Brilliant idea

  9. gunner miller says:

    If the battery on the ropak is down, can you direct power a device?

  10. Mark says:

    It’s a very stormy day in Florida today excellent for having waterproof container

  11. Aaron says:

    Must have

  12. Herbert Broughton says:

    Good to have I.C.E.

  13. JC says:

    Good safety item for solo hikes.

  14. Steve Grant says:

    Great for hiking because it is rugged and waterproof. Keeps cell phone and GPS charged and safe. Does it come in lightweight version?

  15. The RokPak Pioneer system provides dry storage and solar powered charging for all of your outdoor activities.

  16. john KENNEDY says:


  17. Proven, portable, power, produced by the sun. It could save your skin when you’re out hikin’.

  18. Jimbo1991 says:

    Now a days the only smart move is to have a RokPak with you.

  19. Joe Burba says:


  20. TomC says:

    I’m not quite sure if RokPak is totally clueless or totally dishonest – but recent experience suggests that both might be true.

    RokPak is running some sort of Giveaway where they are “giving away The Pioneer Series to ONE (1) Lucky Winner!” That’s fine — lots of companies run giveaways as part of their marketing campaigns, but the techniques RokPak is using are what take us into the realm of clueless and/or dishonest. Most companies running such giveaways do award extra entries for actions like visiting their website, following them on twitter, etc. Those are all a normal and reasonable part of a marketing campaign. Perhaps a bit more dubious are those giveaway campaigns that assign extra entries where people have to “like” their facebook page rather than just visiting the page. This isn’t quite dishonest, but it certainly is intended to inflate the number of “likes” their page has, which of course gives a false impression that the page is more popular than it really is.

    This is where RokPak takes a its first step over the line from merely dubious to suspicious. For people to get some extra entries, RokPak requires them to “Like and Share the last 10 Facebook Posts” so RokPak is not only trying desperately to inflate the “likes” gathered by their posts, but is recruiting people to become spammers “sharing” the posts for a trivial payment.

    Having stepped their toes over the line by paying people to spam Facebook on their behalf, RokPak then leaps totally over the line to unashamed dishonesty by offering 50 extra entries to everyone who will “Leave RokPak 5 star Feedback on Google+” – RokPak of course knows that most of the people entering the contest are not past customers who have ever used any RokPak product, but RokPak is paying them to leave totally fictitious 5 Star reviews for products they have never even seen.

    I would normally say that this was totally and blatantly dishonest, but in RokPak’s defense (such as it is), there is the possibility that everyone involved in setting up and managing the giveaway might just be so totally clueless (and a bit stupid) that they cannot understand what is wrong with what they are doing. As evidence to support the idea that they might be clueless rather than deliberately dishonest, I would point out that their giveaway entry form is so poorly designed that a used automatically receives the 50 bonus entries for the 5 star review simply for clicking on the button in the entry form, but that button does not even take the person to the Google+ review site, much less verify that they actually posted any sort of a review.

    The next evidence goes both ways: dishonest AND clueless — RokPak checks up on the entries and when they don’t find the “5 Star Feedback” on Google+, they email the person to complain that they got 50 points without earning it by providing the required dishonest review, but in that email RokPak provides a detailed link for the person to use to earn their ill-gotten entries by posting the required dishonest review — but clueless to the end, the link that RokPak provides does NOT take the person to the Google+ review website but just to a Google search page for RokPak.

    Based on all the somewhat conflicting evidence, I have to conclude that RokPak is BOTH dishonest AND clueless.

  21. Aaron says:


  22. klynn76565 says:


  23. Joe Burba says:


  24. Kurt Kidder says:

    I could use this while hiking this spring

  25. tgbrendaj says:

    Rokpak rules

  26. Jimbo1991 says:

    Excellent product to have along no matter where life and your will takes you.

  27. Joe Burba says:


  28. Mark says:

    What are the most important things when hiking- 1 is my favorite drink water, 2 is comfortable clothing head to toe, and 3 is food.
    Tomorrow I will continue with the list we’ll see who agrees and disagrees
    Thanks have a great day, Mark

  29. klynn76565 says:

    Always a great idea.

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