5 Must Have Outdoors Tech Product June 2018

So let’s face it, there are always so many new products out there its hard to keep up. With that in mind our goal will be to post one of these review blogs as often as possible to keep you in the know for all the cool stuff hitting the market or even in the crowd funding stage.

#1 The RokPak Pioneer Series (MUST HAVE 2018)

Yes, our product is #1 on the list because it’s the best and must have product of the year. There is still nothing else like it in the market and we solve real problems that people face in the outdoors. Our goal was practicality and we met that goal in designing this product. Functional, lightweight and pretty darn cool! We are running a promotion code at the moment DAD2018 for all the dads out there that deserve a cool product like this. This discount code drops $100 off the retail price of $229, which is crazy. Make sure to get one for yourself or your dad while the deal is going on.

#2 Portable Espresso Maker

This thing is awesome! We are always on the go so we always want coffee. When you are camping or just on the go in general the last thing you want is a terrible cup of instant coffee. A device like this that gives you the ability to have espresso in the middle of nowhere is a great innovation and one we would like to have.

#3 Pocket Blanket

Lugging a big blanket around is annoying. That extra weight and bulk isn’t easy to pack. You try stuffing or folding it into the smallest size possible but it never seems to fold down the same way twice. This blanket takes out that guesswork and just makes a simple small and useful product. Bravo to this innovation.

#4 Life Straw

Yes you can drink from any water source right through the straw. How amazing is that? Imagine you get lost and are low on water. Water is the most important thing when outdoors so having a product that gives you the ability to turn any water source into a drinkable water source is worth every ounce in gold. Definitely a must have outdoor tool.

#5 Waterproof Lighter/Matches

Yes, they have been around for ages but there isn’t really anything you can depend on more. Second to water you need fire to keep you warm from freezing to death. Having a pack of these in your bag is always a great idea (must have). There are some really cool electronic ones that will definitely help you out, but it’s always good to have a backup (low tech) plan too.

So here they are, 5 Must Have Outdoors Tech Product June 2018. We will keep our eyes open and keep posting about more cool stuff we find. As the creators of RokPak we truly appreciate innovation and a good idea when we see it. So we will give credit where credit is due and spread the word. Don’t forget about our awesome sale of $100 OFF retail by using promo code: DAD2018 at checkout. It is only running for a limited time so act fast. Free US shipping too!!

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